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Agricultural Barns, Storage Barns, Horse Barns & Garages…Onsite & On-Time

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Post Frame Construction

Custom Built to Your Dreams!

Agricultural Barns, Storage Barns, Horse Barns & Garages…Onsite & On-Time

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Quality Pole Barns in PA & Beyond

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Are you looking for quality pole barns in Lancaster, PA, and beyond? You’ve come to the right place. At Heritage Buildings, we build pole barns, stick-frame barns, and custom barns — including garages and commercial buildings — for clients from Virginia to Massachusetts, and everywhere in between. Using our patented building technique, our experienced pole barn builders work to create beautiful structures for a range of needs — from storage to agricultural, equestrian, and more – with results that will last for decades.

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Experienced & Professional Horse Barn Builders

Experienced and Professional Horse Barn Builders

At Heritage Buildings, we pride ourselves on our superior craftsmanship. Our professional horse barn builders are committed to building the highest quality structures in our service area. We leverage our years of training & experience to deliver beautiful, long-lasting results — creating the safest, sturdiest structures possible with virtually no maintenance required.

Based in New Holland, Pennsylvania, the horse barn builders at Heritage Buildings believe in making the barn building process an enjoyable experience for our customers. True to our roots in Lancaster County — where quality and integrity are paramount — we build trust through transparency and an old-fashioned work ethic. Whether your project is big or small, our qualified horse barn builders will exceed your expectations.

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Custom Barns Built to Your Specifications

Barns are highly versatile structures with a range of potential uses — from storing agricultural products & farming equipment to sheltering livestock or serving as commercial buildings and garages, the possibilities are endless. Working with a qualified custom barn contractor will ensure your structure is built the right way — including your preferred style and features — and with optimal cost efficiency.

At Heritage Buildings, we make it our mission to tailor your barn to your exact specifications. That’s why we work closely with you through every step of the building process — performing a thorough assessment to ensure that your vision for your custom barn is fully realized. From consultation to completion, our team of pole barn builders work quickly & efficiently to guarantee that your project is finished on time and on budget. To learn more, visit our custom buildings page for additional information.


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Ready to start building with the most qualified pole barn builders in Lancaster, PA? Our experienced contractors build barns for clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and beyond. Whether you need a barn a commercial building, a garage, or something else, we have the tools and experience to get the job done. For additional information or to receive a quote on services, contact one of our builders today.

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