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When it comes to garages, Heritage Buildings has the expertise to help you with any need. Being one of the most popular build requests, our crews are constantly building garages. With it being a hot commodity and over 30 years of collective job site experience, these structures are built to withstand the tests of time. Building at least one garage every other week has allowed our crews to become expert craftsmen. With installation taking only days, our crews are able to create the attached or detached garage you desire.

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Here at Heritage Buildings, we understand and value the importance of time. Using building methods from the early 20th century with modern-day adjustments, we have practiced the technique for many years. With garages being a frequent request, our crews are well trained and educated on structural requirements and strive to make sure your building will last for decades. With access to multiple manufacturers, we have the ability to match many, if not all color choices. We understand that municipality requirements change from county to county, so our crews are able to adhere to those needs. With the capability to install multiple types of siding, we provide you with the opportunity to pick and choose to your liking. Heritage Buildings is here to provide you with the exact garage of your choice using experienced builders to light the way.

Quality Garage Barns Built to Last

With every building following an engineered span table and expert builders on site, garages built by Heritage Buildings are built to last. Using methods originating from the early 1930s, Heritage Buildings has been able to improve the practice with modern engineering to allow for structural longevity. Creating a structure that adds value and charm to your property is our daily goal. When it comes to our standard siding and roofing, the metal panels have a 40-year warranty, guaranteeing a rust-free look for several decades. Garages built by Heritage Buildings will have you question why you didn’t start sooner

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Common garage sizes are: 20 x 24 one-car garage, 24 x 32 two-car garage, 30 x 40 three car garage.

If you’re unsure of the size and require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to set up a free site visit to discuss different options!

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