Stick Built Buildings, Custom Stick-Built with Masonry Foundation

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Stick-Built Buildings

Stick-Built Buildings offer almost unlimited design capabilities. Anything from a very basic building to provide shelter to elaborate buildings to enhance an estate are possible. The masonry foundation is designed to retain dirt so building into a bank/hillside or on a downward slope is not a problem.

Large Dormers, Reverse Gables or sprawling floor plans are easily incorporated into the building. Many clients choose a Stick-Built building as it closely resembles the construction of a home and is easier to match the appearance with the home.

The most common roofing product is asphalt shingles while the most common siding product is vinyl due to economic reasons. The Stick-Built design however is the easiest design to accommodate a great variation in materials. A few examples are masonry products on the walls, HardiPlank Brand siding or a combination of the latest products on the market.

We will be happy to provide design ideas and options so you can incorporate your needs into a beautiful structure.

  • Stick-Built Buildings
  • More design capabilities
  • Masonry foundation capable of retaining fill dirt or banks
  • Almost unlimited exterior product options
  • Easier to match existing homes
  • Can be used for living space if desired
  • Easier to finish interior as well as more options

Most common use:

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Horse Barns
  • Offices
  • Retail Space

What Our Clients Say...

"Dream shop finally realized... We just completed building a detached two story wood shop with bonus room. We contacted and consulted with 6 different builders before deciding to use Heritage Buildings. Dave was professional and attentive from the start. He expressed a desire to understand what we as the customer were looking for. He designed a building that complemented our existing house and fit the property perfectly. His price was more than competitive, and amazingly in this day in age he came in right at budget. All this was accomplished using materials that were specified from that start as being better than his competitors. All of the contractors he uses are great, the quality of work is exceptional and Dave's attention to detail is spot on. His communication is perfect, often answering questions before I could even ask them. In the end I ended up with a project that exceeded my expectations, at a price that I still can't believe."

Marcus K.

Stick-Built Building