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Experienced Custom Barn Builders in PA & Beyond

From Massachusetts to Virginia, Heritage Buildings understands your requirements will vary and are prepared to help to the best of our ability. We want the experience to be unique, and tailored to the building design you imagine. With over 30 years of collective field experience, Heritage buildings is prepared to listen to your needs and come up with a solution for your building desires.

Having access to multiple manufacturers gives us much more flexibility to fulfill your requirements with a reasonable lead time. Our crews have the experience to install shingles, vinyl, wood, and metal sheathing. With our new 3D modeling software, we are able to design a building to match the image of your dreams. Here at Heritage Buildings, we take careful consideration for each design, treating each build as if they were our very own.

Agricultural Barns Built to Your Specifications

Are you looking for a run-in shed? Maybe you need something bigger or something a little more tailored to your property? Here at Heritage Buildings, we are ready to provide you with the building to fit your agricultural needs. We understand that the requirements of farm life differ from animal to animal and plant to plant so we want to build your building for that exact purpose. Whether you’re looking for a goat barn to hold Terry, Larry, and Horse or a Barn designed to help maintain and grow mushrooms, Heritage Buildings is prepared to help fit those needs.

Storage Barns that You Can Rely On

Years of experience in the office and on the job site have allowed us to tailor our business to battle problems we have seen before. Here at Heritage Buildings, timeliness matters. With our experienced crews, we are able to construct new Storage Barns within weeks, if not days. Not only is construction fast but the stability of the structure is built to last. Every building is designed to follow engineered span tables to allow for structural longevity. With our access to multiple manufacturers, we have the ability to match your existing agricultural structures, completely ridding you of a potential aesthetic disaster. Whether you need a storage barn for hay or a place to store your manure, Heritage Buildings is able to fit your needs.

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Located in Lancaster PA, we build on the east coast, from Massachusetts to Virginia. Heritage Buildings LLC excels in custom-built pole buildings, garages, conventional framed barns, horse barns and other large buildings. Our well-designed, functional structures will stand for generations and enhance your estate.

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